[UPDATE] 1/8/2020

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Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:36 am

[UPDATE] 1/8/2020

- Drop of [EVENT]Cold Box has been removed.
- Tiamaranta's Eye Portal are now transferred inside of Tiamaranta Rancora Fortress
- Mithrill Medal now added in Webshop

All PVP Items are now only available in NPC in-game using abyss points.

New Hangout place is Tiamaranta Rancora Fortress where portals to tiamaranta's eye is located and where you can Request a Duel to opposite race.

[Kinah Event] Trade your kinah to GM Kojic in-game and exchange for credits,

2m Kinah = 1 Credits
Minimum Exchange 200m and above.
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